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In The News


In The News

Marine Microbiology Initiative

Ocean crust rich with microbial life

Sea Web December 14, 2010

Scientists have found an unexpectedly abundant amount of bacterial life more than 4,600 feet (1,400 meters) below the seabed, a discovery that has ramifications for the search for life on Mars and strategies for adapting to climate change on Earth.

Writing in the open-access, online journal PLoS One, Olivia Mason ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

Ocean circulation model yields new discovery

By Thomas S. Weber and Curtis Deutsch Nature September 29, 2010

The September 29th issue of Nature highlights research by Thomas Weber and Curtis Deutsch. Using an ocean circulation model and measured concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water column, the researchers showed that the molecular ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus is determined by both ocean circulation and regional differences ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

Research into Oregon coast hypoxia featured in Nature

By Virginia Gewin Nature August 12, 2010

The August 12th issue of Nature highlights the research of Jack Barth, Francis Chan, Ed DeLong, Alan Mix and Osvaldo Ulloa, who are studying the variability of low-oxygen zones and the impact on fish and marine animals off the Oregon coast. The severity of oxygen depletion in these coastal ...

California Institute of Technology

4D electron microscopy featured in August 2010 Scientific American

By Ahmed H. Zewail Scientific American July 30, 2010

The August issue of Scientific American includes an article by Caltech Professor and Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail, who is a principal investigator at the Moore Foundation-supported Center for Ultrafast Science & Technology at Caltech. “Filming the Invisible in 4D: New Microscopy Makes Movies of Nanoscale Objects in Action” highlights pioneering ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

Enter the unseen world of microbes

Armed with Science July 22, 2010

With funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has been developing in situ sorting and observational technologies of individual phytoplankton cells, through time-series deployments of the FlowCytobot and Imaging FlowCytobot instruments. The article below highlights the pioneering work of these novel tools, here examining ...

Marine Conservation Initiative

National ocean policy released

July 19, 2010

President Obama today signed an Executive Order to form the new National Policy for the Stewardship of the Ocean, Coasts, and Great Lakes and create a National Ocean Council (NOC) to strengthen ocean governance and coordination.  The Executive Order adopts the Final Recommendations of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

Marine Microbiology Principal Investigators honored with 2010 Ecological Society of America Outstanding Theory Paper Award

June 30, 2010

A paper co-authored by two MMI Principal Investigators, James O'Dwyer and Jessica Green, has been recognized by the Ecological Society of America. Working from CAMERA datasets, O'Dwyer and Green developed a spatially explicit neutral prediction for the species-area relationship (SAR), drawing on quantum field theory and neutral community ecology. ...

California Institute of Technology

Caltech researchers identify mantle plume below southern Africa

June 24, 2010

Caltech researchers at the Tectonics Observatory published a paper in the 4 May Geophysical Research Letters, reporting the detection, with unprecedented clarity, of a mantle plume in seismic images. The pioneering methods used by seismologists at Caltech and published in May have just been highlighted in the 24 June ...

California Institute of Technology

Development of 4D electron tomography featured in June 24 Science

By Oh-Hoon Kwon and Ahmed H. Zewail Science June 24, 2010

The June 24 issue of Science includes a report on innovative research methods developed by integrating a fourth dimension, time, in electron tomography. The report was written by senior postdoctoral fellow Oh-Hoon Kwon and by Caltech Professor and Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail, who is a principal investigator at the Gordon ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

Research by senior investigator Dr. David M. Karl and team highlighted in Nature

By Kenneth S. Johnson, Stephen C. Riser and David M. Karl Nature June 23, 2010

A team of institutions and researchers that includes Dr. David M. Karl, Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawai'i and Marine Microbiology Initiative Senior Investigator, has discovered a potential source of essential nutrients that allow microscopic algae to grow in nutrient depleted regions of the open ocean. Using high-resolution ...