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In The News


In The News

California Institute of Technology

Caltech researchers and partners discover aseismic slip as barrier to earthquake propagation in Southern Peru

By Lori Oliwenstein Caltech May 5, 2010

On August 15, 2007, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck in Central Peru, killing more than 500 people—primarily in the town of Pisco, which was heavily damaged by the temblor—and triggering a tsunami that flooded Pisco's shore and parts of Lima's Costa Verde highway. The rupture occurred as the Nazca tectonic ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

New site launched to enable peer-to-peer bioscience data sharing

April 21, 2010

Jonathan Eisen and his team at the University of California, Davis Genome Center have developed a new website,, that allows rapid file sharing of large sets of scientific data. Using BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer technology, the site shares bandwidth across institutions and splits data sets into smaller pieces, making it ...

California Institute of Technology

Review of four-dimensional electron microscopy (4D UEM) in April 9 Science Magazine

By Ahmed H. Zewail Science April 9, 2010

The April 9 issue of Science includes a review of transformative research and development obtained by introducing time, the fourth dimension, in electron microscopy. The review’s author, Caltech Professor and Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail, is principal investigator at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation-supported Center for Ultrafast Science & Technology....

California Institute of Technology

Scientists identify mechanism of encoding strong memories

March 24, 2010

With partial support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Caltech scientist Erin Schuman and collaborators have found the mechanism by which the mind encodes strong memories. When memory-related neurons fire at the same frequency as certain brain waves (called theta-waves), the encoded memories prove much stronger and last longer. ...

Special Projects in Science

Sampling of Antarctica's subglacial lakes planned for 2011

By Quirin Schiermeier Nature March 24, 2010

This story reports on plans to explore the subglacial lakes of Antarctica. With partial funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Northern Illinois University's Professor Ross Powell has developed sub-ice sampling instrumentation (the ROV and GIPSIE) that will help make this research possible.

The pitch-black lakes hidden beneath Antarctica's ice ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

Waiting to inhale: deep-ocean low-oxygen zones spreading to shallower coastal waters

By Michael Tennesen Scientific American February 23, 2010

In its February 23rd issue, Scientific American highlights the impact of low-oxygen waters off the coast of Oregon on fish and marine animals. The severity of oxygen depletion in these coastal waters varies from year to year, but has in the past resulted in kills of large numbers of fish ...

Marine Conservation Initiative

NOAA grants program proposed to support marine spatial planning

By Allison Winter New York Times February 5, 2010

Much of the work supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Marine Conservation Initiative advances marine spatial planning (MSP). By spatially dividing the marine environment, MSP reduces conflict among competing users and promotes conservation while addressing environmental, economic, and social objectives. A newly proposed, $20 million grants program for ...

Special Projects in Science

California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) fellows placed in Senate and Assembly offices

By Steven Harmon San Jose Mercury News January 4, 2010

Through funding to the California Council on Science and Technology, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation partnered with five other organizations to support the creation and development of a science and technology policy fellowship program for the California Legislature. The program was modeled after the successful 35-year-old federal Science & Technology ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

A genomic encyclopedia of microbes

Nature December 24, 2009

To catalog the rich diversity of microbial life, scientists from the Joint Genome Institute at the Energy Department have started a genomic encyclopedia of bacteria and archaea.  Funds from a Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation grant to Jonathan Eisen—evolutionary biologist, open access advocate, professor at UC Davis and Academic Editor ...

Wild Salmon Ecosystems Initiative

Great Bear Rainforest revenue sharing agreements signed with First Nations

Vancouver Sun December 11, 2009

Two December 2009 Vancouver Sun stories outline the next step in linking community benefits to the conservation economy of the Great Bear Rainforest.  

The Great Bear Rainforest agreement explicitly included protected areas designations, ecosystem-based management commitments, and funding for conservation management and economic development. It also set off negotiations around revenue sharing ...