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Durable Catch Share Programs in the United States (2261.01)

Environmental Defense Fund

To improve the management of U.S. fisheries through the implementation of catch share programs and other science-based t…

Science and technology policy fellowship program for the California capitol (1787.01)

California Council on Science and Technology

To improve the science and technology policy-related components of policymaking through the continued activities of the …

Planetarium Refurbishment (4104)

Chabot Space & Science Center

To support the refurbishment of Chabot’s planetarium dome and projector systems in order to help ensure they are well po…

High performance imaging acquisition camera for Keck-I telescope (3847)

University of California, Los Angeles Department of Physics and Astronomy

To provide for the design and construction of a high performance imaging acquisition camera for the OH Suppressing Infra…

Social Science Dimensions of Conservation and Human Well-Being (3520)

Conservation International

In support of strengthening social science practice in conservation.

Evaluating CollaboRATE, a measure of patient engagement in real-world clinical settings (3929)

The Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science

To investigate the feasibility and scalability of a new measure of patient engagement, named CollaboRATE, in an initial …

Aquaculture Futures Scenarios (4033)

International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management

To support transition towards sustainable shrimp aquaculture growth in Indonesia.

Technical and Scientific Expertise to Support Catch Share Implementation (1665.02)

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

In support of work to advance durable groundfish sectors in New England, increase profitability for fishermen, and provi…

Assessment of the national climate change policy and forest code to identify opportunities for the Green Municipalities Program. (4005)

Instituto do Homem e Meio Ambiente da Amazonia

To assess potential policies and environmental tools created by the national climate change policy and new forest code t…