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Lab of David M. Karl, PhD (480.01)

University of Hawaii Foundation

For continued research in the laboratory of Senior Investigator Dr. David M. Karl. The objectives of this grant are to q…

Microbial Environmental Genomic Applications: Modeling, Experimentation and Remote Sensing (MEGAMER) (1761)

University of California, Santa Cruz Department of Ocean Sciences, Institute of Marine Science

In support of identifying relevant probes and testing biological sensors to deploy on remote, in situ ocean observing pl…

Deep Genome and Transcript Sequencing of Marine Eukaryotes (1671)

University of Washington, Office of the Provost

The University of Washington will use this grant to purchase cutting-edge deep-coverage DNA sequencing technology, test …

Development of marine eukaryotic metagenomic methods (1668)

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

To support a collaborative team of researchers to address gaps in diversity and ecology of the eukaryotic microorganisms…

DNA Sequencing Resource Plan for Marine Microbiology Research (1669)

University of Washington, Office of the Provost

In support of evaluating the need for and defining the operational structure of a DNA sequencing resource to serve the m…

Interdisciplinary Metagenomics Studies (1660)

University of California, Davis Genome Center

In support of the University of California, Davis Genome Center to analyze metagenomic datasets through the development …

Dedicated Marine Microbiology DNA Sequencing Pipeline (1672)

Pennsylvania State University, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

This grant to Pennsylvania State University will be used to increase publicly-available marine microbial DNA sequence in…

CAMERA Bioinformatics Tools Development (1634)

San Diego State University Research Foundation

This grant to the San Diego State University adds two new metagenomic datasets to CAMERA, and establishes procedures to …

Model study to correlate metagenomics with environmental conditions in Yellowstone Lake (1555)

Yellowstone Park Foundation

This project will attempt to correlate functional gene diversity with environmental parameters through comparative analy…