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Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform in BC (312.04)

Living Oceans Society

In support of efforts of the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform to achieve formal commitments to mitigate negative …

British Columbia Wild Salmon Conservation – Small Grants Fund (313.04)

Tides Canada Foundation

In support an agile mechanism for timely small scale investments in grassroots activities aimed at protecting wild salmo…

Skeena Watershed Monitoring Baseline Research 2 (1459.02)

Pacific Salmon Foundation

For enhancement of the scientific baseline information available to Skeena watershed stakeholders in developing recommen…

Wild Salmon Policy Implementation (1318.01)

Watershed Watch

In support of advancing the implementation of the Pacific Wild Salmon Policy in British Columbia, as well as in applying…

State of the Salmon (990.03)

Wild Salmon Center

To facilitate the transfer of information, encourage the use of best management practices, and introduce better tools to…

Closed Containment Demonstration Project Completion (1271.01)

Middle Bay Sustainable Aquaculture Institute

In support of a demonstration project for "closed containment" salmon production. Work will include: first, revising gov…

To engage with the private sector around the proposed development of Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay. (1305.01)


To engage with the private sector around the proposed development of Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay.

Bristol Bay Media Campaign (1196)

Trout Unlimited

The purpose of this grant is to develop and execute a paid media campaign that will educate residents of Alaska about th…

Taku Habitat Protection – Rivers Without Borders Project (656.02)

Tides Center, Rivers Without Borders

In support of the Rivers Without Borders project of the Tides Center to build trans-boundary public support for protecti…