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Grants List


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Portola Redwoods State Park Acquisition (1014)

Save-the-Redwoods League

The Save-the-Redwoods League is using this grant to purchase forest lands in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This acquisition …

Tomales Bay Restoration (675)

National Park Foundation

This grant to the National Park Foundation supports a watershed-based restoration project in Tomales Bay, one of the mos…

Souza Property (650)

Regional Parks Foundation

The Regional Parks Foundation used this grant to fund the East Bay Regional Parks District's purchase of 617 acres of gr…

King and Swett Ranches Preservation (638)

Solano Land Trust

Solano Land Trust used this grant to preserve 3,930 acres of watershed and habitat for a range of threatened and endange…

Fernandez Ranch Protection (644)

Muir Heritage Land Trust

Muir Heritage Land Trust used this grant for permanent protection, restoration, and stewardship of 700 acres in San Fran…

Stevens Creek Canyon Ranch (615)

Peninsula Open Space Trust

Peninsula Open Space Trust used this grant to permanently protect the Stevens Creek Canyon Ranch in Santa Clara County, …

Restoration and Enhancement Project (478)

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy is using this grant to advance its natural resource preservation goals through re…

Friends of Recreation and Parks (527)

San Francisco Parks Trust

The San Francisco Parks Trust used this grant to create an alternative energy demonstration project as part of the resto…

South Bay Habitat Restoration Film Project (368.01)

Pelican Media

Pelican Media used this grant to produce and distribute a short film that will be used as a tool to gain public support …