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Environmental Careers Initiative (3531)

Net Impact

To fund elements of the Net Impact Environmental Careers Initiative, inspiring and informing the next generation of busi…

Yale e360 (3467)

Yale University, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

In support of the Yale e360 online magazine's targeted communications about critical environmental conservation topics.

Conservation Trust Fund Investment Survey (3514)

Wildlife Conservation Society

To support the enhancement of the Conservation Trust Fund Investment Survey in order to improve the effectiveness and in…

Large-scale aspects of Sustainable agriculture in Amazonia. (3501)

Universidade Federal de Vicosa

To investigate the feasibility of sustainable agriculture in Amazonia by identifying opportunities to increase agricultu…

Creating a global center of excellence focused on knowledge generation to sustain nature and human well-being. (3530)

University of California, Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

In support of the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) in a joint effort with The Nature Conser…

Delivering U.S. Government Action to Support Sustainable Supply Chains (3516)

Climate Advisers

To support a consortium of civil society stakeholders to effectively engage with the US Government and Consumer Goods Fo…

Linking Natural Capital and Human Well-Being: A Practical New Framework, Tools and Applications (3453)

Stanford University, Woods Institute for the Environment

In support of the Natural Capital Project to develop, test and support the implementation of new metrics, tools, and app…

Insights from the Social and Behavioral Sciences to Improve Conservation (3192)

Resources for the Future

To develop a set of actionable principles about human behavior and decision-making that environmental grantmakers and pr…

Momentum 2.0 (3462)

University of Minnesota, Institute on the Environment

In support of developing Momentum 2.0 to empower thought leaders around the world to discover and apply solutions to gra…