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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

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Bill Nye’s Climate Laboratory (2300)

Chabot Space & Science Center

This grant to Chabot Space & Science Center will support fabrication and installation of Bill Nye’s Climate Laborato…

BaySci Teacher Professional Development Program (2068)


For the development of an innovative teacher professional development program ("BaySci Professional Development Program"…

Girls Go Techbridge (1988)

Chabot Space & Science Center

For the Techbridge program partnership with the Girl Scouts of Northern California to develop, implement and scale up a …

Science in Action Exhibit (1592)

California Academy of Sciences

This grant to the California Academy of Sciences supports an innovative, multigenerational "Science in Action" exhibit a…

Open Design: Open Source Collaboration for Science-Technology Museum Exhibit Design Process (1585)

Tech Museum of Innovation

In support of The Tech Museum's innovative "open design" project to revolutionize the science and technology museum exhi…

Increasing mathematical and spatial reasoning skills through geometric exhibits. (1282)


This grant to the Exploratorium supports the development and display of an innovative new method of teaching spatial and…

Increasing science and technology literacy through the Tech Museum Awards Laureate Program (1268)

Tech Museum of Innovation

This grant to The Tech Museum of Innovation will be used to increase science and technology literacy of over 54,000 Bay …

Increasing science literacy through the history of the integrated circuit. (1025)

Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum will use this grant to tell the history and importance of the integrated circuit through an …

Science, Environment and Nature (SEN) Project (471)


KQED used this grant to increase educational capacity through enhanced cooperation, collaboration and technological inte…