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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

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San Francisco Teen Science Collaborative (2971)

California Academy of Sciences

To support a long-term collaborative relationship between the Academy and Exploratorium, as they jointly pilot the "San …

Bill Nye’s Climate Lab (2300.01)

Chabot Space & Science Center

To support design, development, fabrication, and evaluation of enhancements to the Bill Nye’s Climate Lab exhibition and…

Teacher Institute on Science and Sustainability (TISS) (2327)

California Academy of Sciences

In support of a two-year teacher professional development and training program of two annual cohorts of 30 teachers each…

Planning Grant: Chabot Climate Change Teacher Workshops (2472)

Chabot Space & Science Center

In support of developing a comprehensive implementation plan to launch the Chabot Climate Change Teacher Workshops in th…

Techbridge: Scale-up and Pilot Grant (2576)

Chabot Space & Science Center

In support of the development of a cost-effective, replicable model for scaling up the Techbridge program, which provide…

Innovator Gallery (2299)

Tech Museum of Innovation

This grant to The Tech Museum of Innovation will support the design, fabrication and installation of an "Innovator Galle…

Identifying Effective Science Learning Opportunities (2244)

University of California, Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science

This grant to the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley will support the development of a r…

Bill Nye’s Climate Laboratory (2300)

Chabot Space & Science Center

This grant to Chabot Space & Science Center will support fabrication and installation of Bill Nye’s Climate Laborato…

BaySci Teacher Professional Development Program (2068)


For the development of an innovative teacher professional development program ("BaySci Professional Development Program"…