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Makoto Saito Investigator Award (3782)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

In support of obtaining deeper knowledge of major biogeochemically relevant proteins to inform a mechanistic understandi…

Coordinated ocean planning in the United States (3765)

Natural Resources Defense Council

In support of local, regional, and national efforts to integrate ecosystem-based management principles into ocean planni…

Incorporation of protected areas and Indigenous lands in regional development plans in the Colombian Amazon (3605)

The Nature Conservancy

This grant aims to incorporate the Chiribiquete National Park and its proposed expanded territory into regional land use…

Financing needs assessment for New England finfish fisheries (2873)

New Venture Fund

To inform funders and interested stakeholders on needs and opportunities for New England groundfish and monkfish fisheri…

Design approach to integrated data systems for West Coast groundfish (Phase 1) (3823)


Engage in stakeholder interviews and prototyping to develop design options for data management infrastructure for the We…

Building West Coast Tribal Capacity for Marine Spatial Planning (2871)


This grant supports Ecotrust to partner with tribes in California, Oregon, and Washington to develop capacity to gather …

Aligning Incentives Conference (3862)

Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

To develop a framework and action plan to raise awareness of shared decision making (SDM) incentive issues among key dec…

Evaluation of the Ocean Health Index for Marine Conservation Initiative Regions (3538)

University of California, Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

To evaluate potential to apply the Ocean Health Index in the Marine Conservation Initiative’s key geographies.

Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) Phase III (2741.01)

Society of Critical Care Medicine

The purpose of this grant to the Society of Critical Care Medicine is to develop and disseminate the new Surviving Sepsi…