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Grants List


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Strategic Re-design for the Independent Sector (4146)

Independent Sector

To support a strategic planning process for the Independent Sector.

Surviving the Storm: Vulnerability analysis and economic report (4145)

Bay Area Council Foundation

For an analysis and report that will assess the risk and impact associated with an extreme weather event in the Bay Area…

Bringing Fair Trade to Fisheries (4062)

Transfair USA

To support the piloting of the Fair Trade Certification model in the Indonesian yellowfin tuna fishery.

Tuna Fisheries (4061)

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

To support SFP’s efforts to further engage longline fisheries both from the fishery level, as well as via their retail p…

Public Education for Long-term Baylands Restoration Funding (4147)

Resources Legacy Fund

In support of business coalition and constituency development to advance long-term funding for San Francisco Bay habitat…

WWF Smart Fishing Initiative (SFI) Western and Central Pacific (WCP) Tuna Program. (4060)

World Wildlife Fund

To increase WWF’s ability to make science-based recommendations at the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCP…

Seafood Traceability Improvements (4058)


To support efforts to create traceability principles at an international and national level, create tools for companies …

Investigating the co-evolutionary relationships between seagrasses and their microbial symbionts (3330)

University of California, Davis Genome Center

To uncover the coevolutionary interactions and ecological function of microbial symbionts and their seagrass hosts and g…

The Governors' Climate and Forest Task Force - Supporting sub-national climate and forest initiatives (2156.05)

University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Law

In support of the Governors’ Climate & Forest Task Force in the continued effort to implement robust jurisdictional …