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Grants List


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Consolidation of Amazonas State Protected Area System (647.03)

Secretaria de Estado do Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentável

To support the consolidation of state protected areas in Amazonas, Brazil, by establishing a sustainable finance mechani…

Designing innovative fiscal and tax incentives for protected areas and indigenous lands in the Brazilian Amazon (4262)

Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia

To analyze the potential of the Green State Participatory Fund to reward states and municipalities for establishing and …

Structuring an Environmental Compensation Fund for the State of Amazonas (4258)

Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade

To design and develop a compensation fund proposal for the State of Amazonas to secure additional resources for the cons…

ARPA for Life Fund Commitment (4003)

World Wildlife Fund

To ensure the protection in perpetuity of 15% of the Brazilian Amazon Biome, in the form of 60M hectares of legally esta…

Assessment of the national climate change policy and forest code to identify opportunities for the Green Municipalities Program. (4005)

Instituto do Homem e Meio Ambiente da Amazonia

To assess potential policies and environmental tools created by the national climate change policy and new forest code t…

Transparent supply chains of responsible soy and beef in Brazil (3500)

Aliança da Terra

To test the implementation of two transparent supply chains, for responsible beef and soybeans, in Brazil, and to create…

Completing ARPA Phase II (3322.01)

Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade

To support the development of Amazonian State Environmental Compensation Funds, and to raise private donor funds for pro…

Sustainable Development and Conservation of the Colombian Amazon (3897)

Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia

To support the implementation of sustainable finance mechanisms to conserve the Amazon protected areas system and the su…

Sustainable Finance of Peru's Protected Area System (4020)

Fondo de Promoción de las Áreas Naturales Protegidas del Perú

To define a path towards the establishment of a sustainable finance model for Peru’s protected areas system.