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Courtesy of Caltech Information Science and Technology Initiative – Wierman Cray 2 Supercomputer

Grants List


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CINHC Program Sustainability (3818)

California Institute for Nursing & Health Care

To support sustainability of key California Institute for Nursing & Health Care programs, enhanced marketing capacit…

NewsHour STEM Programing (2486.02)

Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Association

In support of PBS NewsHour for a science-based program that uses traditional broadcast and web-based media content to in…

Strengthening Capacity to Support Landscape Transitions to Low-Emission Rural Development in the Tropics (3980)

IPAM International Program

In support of large-scale socio-economic transitions to low-deforestation, low-emission sustainable rural development th…

High-Fidelity Data-Driven Quality Improvement (3926)

Johns Hopkins University, Department of Computer Science

To support the development of a high-fidelity data-driven quality improvement approach that will use 3-dimensional (3D) …

Fish, People, Place – Southeast Alaska (1705.03)

Alaska Conservation Foundation

To support establishment of a mitigation fund in Southeast Alaska.

Care Transitions Intervention Family Caregiver Training Program (2858.01)

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, School of Medicine

To support preparation of the Care Transitions Intervention (CTI) Family Caregiver Protocol for wide scale dissemination…

Coordinating for and Leveraging Deforestation-Free Amazon Cattle Supply Chains (3504)

National Wildlife Federation

In support of implementing action on Consumers Goods Forum members’ commitments to sourcing zero-deforestation beef from…

Permanent protection of Bertagnolli property on Mount Diablo. (3255)

Save Mount Diablo

To help Save Mount Diablo permanently protect the 1,080-acre Bertagnolli property, through acquisition of the property, …

Early Detection of Impending Physiologic Deterioration (EDIP) Electronic Early Warning System Pilot (2663.01)

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

To support the pilot of an early warning system for early detection of impending physiologic deterioration (EDIP) of the…