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Grants List


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Delivering U.S. Government Action to Support Sustainable Supply Chains Phase II (3516.01)

Climate Advisers

To support a consortium of civil society stakeholders to effectively engage with the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 that …

21st Century Chemistry Set Competition (3863)

Society for Science and the Public

To support management and oversight of 21st Century Chemistry Set Competition, a competition designed to identify innova…

Measuring Quantum Entanglement Entropy in Synthetic Quantum Matter (3795)

Harvard University, Department of Physics

In support of the first experimental measurements of quantum entanglement in many-body systems, using manipulation of ul…

Enabling marine planning: Magnifying the impact of the Natural Capital Project and marine InVEST (1874.02)

Stanford University, Woods Institute for the Environment

To support the completion of a suite of ecosystem service models to inform Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) decisions; comp…

Community fisheries support in New England (2222.02)

The Nature Conservancy

To enhance the effectiveness and durability of groundfish sector management in New England, through community support, p…

Protecting Ecological Flows and Aquatic Habitat in British Columbia (2829.01)

World Wildlife Fund Canada

To support efforts to address the cumulative impacts of energy development in British Columbia’s wild salmon watersheds …

Measuring Membrane Forces in Bacteria and Plants (3389)

Harvard University, Office of Sponsored Programs

To develop new molecular and physical tools to study membrane voltage and membrane tension in bacteria and plants

Empirical Nursing Workforce Research in Support of Action (3820)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

To support the use of empirical nursing workforce research in support of action.

Reduction of Clostridium difficile Transmission and Hospital-Acquired Venous Thromboembolism (3812)

University of California, Davis Medical Center

For University of California, Davis Medical Center to support the design and implementation of a hospital-wide program t…