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Grants List


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Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning in the Northeastern United States (2866.01)

Third Sector New England

To support the creation of an ocean plan and initial steps towards its implementation in the Northeast Region, in partne…

Planning Grant for Summer Science Program Expansion (3621)

Summer Science Program

In support of strategic planning for expansion of an in-depth research-based summer science program.

Self-organization and self-replication by active matter (3849)

New York University, Department of Physics

In support of the development of fully controllable experimental systems of self-propelled interacting particles, exhibi…

Demonstrated Impact of Team-based Care on Reducing Harm and Cost (3310)

University of Minnesota, Office of the President

To support the demonstration of the impact of team-based care on reducing harm and cost.

Coordination of Latin American Conservation Trust Funds (3992)

Forever Costa Rica Association

To foster coordination of Latin American Conservation Trust Funds through creation of the PACIFICO platform and support …

Open Portfolio Project (3955)

Tides Center, Maker Education Initiative

In support of the development of open technical and design recommendations and guidelines for a portfolio assessment sys…

Building opportunities for innovative supply chain partnerships that support conservation (3915)

Forest Trends

To facilitate dialogue and cultivate novel partnerships to address the challenges and implement financial, policy and te…

Planning and Governance for the Consolidation of Protected Areas and Indigenous Lands in the Colombian Amazon (2048.01)

Gaia Amazonas Foundation

To implement the first co-management model in the Yaigoje-Apaporis National Park/Indigenous Territory with the Colombia …

Communications support for 50in10 - Sustainable Fisheries Investigation (3460.02)

New Venture Fund

In support of critical short term communications for the development of the 50in10 initiative, an effort to restore 50% …