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Grants List


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POLIS Water Sustainability Project 2 (2830.01)

University of Victoria, POLIS Project on Ecological Governance

To support the University of Victoria’s Polis Project on Ecological Governance to develop and refine sustainable water a…

Consolidation of the Green Trade Platform as a market-based mechanism to comply with the Forest Code in the Brazilian Amazon. (3967)

Bolsa Verde do Rio de Janeiro

Support the establishment of the legal, social and institutional conditions for the consolidation and expansion of the G…

First Nations Engagement in Freshwater Stewardship 2 (3447.01)

British Columbia First Nations Fisheries Council

To increase First Nations knowledge and participation in freshwater management issues

Phase II Launch of the California Plan for the IOM Initiative on the Future of Nursing (2904.01)

California Institute for Nursing & Health Care

To support the work of the California Action Coalition (CA AC) in implementing the recommendations of the Institute of M…

Brazilian Protected Area Biodiversity Monitoring Program (3276)

Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas

To support the development and implementation of a Brazilian national program for biodiversity monitoring in protected a…

National Consumer Survey of Patient and Family Engagement, Experiences and Perceptions (3958)

Consumers Union

To support research quantifying patient and family member responses to, and expectations and perspectives of, care recei…

Imaging Molecular Interactions: Quantum Electron Microscope (QEM) (3359.01)

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg

In support of a coordinated program among Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and The Max Planck…

Technical Assistance to Greater Sacramento System Hospitals for Clinical Improvement Projects (4000)


For Cynosure to provide technical assistance to Greater Sacramento system hospitals for clinical improvement projects.

Direct Optical Tweezing of Single Molecules (3803)

Stanford University, Office of Sponsored Research

In support of Stanford University to develop a new biological tool for optical trapping and manipulation of proteins and…