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Wild Salmon Project for the North and Central Coasts of BC (396)

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

This grant supports key components of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation's integrated approach to protecting salmon a…

Columbia and Snake Rivers Recovery Campaign (318)

Save Our Wild Salmon

The Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition used this grant to support environmental conservation activities in the lower Snake R…

Wild Salmon Conservation on Canada's Pacific Coast (323)

Sierra Club of British Columbia Foundation

The Sierra Club of British Columbia Foundation is using this grant to support its Wild Salmon Program. With this program…

Copper River Protection (30.01)


This grant supports Ecotrust's efforts to protect the Copper River's eastern delta and its key salmon populations. In ad…

Salmon Ecosystems around the Pacific Rim (344)

University of Montana, Flathead Lake Biological Station

The University of Montana's Flathead Lake Biological Station received this grant for research into the biodiversity and …

Haida Gwaii Title Case (294)

Environmental-Aboriginal Guardianship through Law and Education

EAGLE (Environmental-Aboriginal Guardianship through Law and Education) is using this grant to develop the Haida Title C…

ASF Aquaculture Score Card (315)

Atlantic Salmon Federation

The Atlantic Salmon Federation received this grant to encourage the salmon farming industry and regulating agencies to r…

Conservation Easement, Southwest Alaska (316)

Conservation Fund

This grant supports the Conservation Fund's efforts to protect wild salmon habitat by securing permanent conservation st…

Protecting Salmon on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia (314)

Pacific Environment

Pacific Environment used this grant to help strengthen the capacity of Kamchatka-based NGOs working to protect wild salm…