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Wild Salmon, Consumers, and Conservation Project (317)


This grant helps SeaWeb provide a toolkit and coordination for salmon aquaculture campaigns. Outcomes for this grant inc…

Alaska Coalition and Alaska Rainforest Campaign (296.01)

Alaska Conservation Foundation

This grant to the Alaska Conservation Foundation extends protection of the intact ecosystems of southeastern Alaska's na…

Angling Ecotourism around Kamchatka's World Heritage Sites (335)

United Nations Foundation

This grant to the United Nations Foundation supports a project titled "Promoting Angling Ecotourism Around Kamchatka's W…

Hatchery Reform in the Pacific Northwest (425)

Trout Unlimited

This grant supports Trout Unlimited's Hatchery Reform Project. Hatchery fish (bred and reared under artificial condition…

Pacific Open Shelf Tracking (POST) Project (460)

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center

This grant to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre supports the Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking project. This acous…

Kamchatka Wild Salmon Biodiversity Program (307.01)

Wild Salmon Center

This renewal grant provides supplemental support for the Wild Salmon Center's science-based conservation program on the …

Wild Salmon Stock and Habitat Protection in British Columbia (325)

David Suzuki Foundation

This grant to the David Suzuki Foundation supports an integrated approach to protecting wild salmon populations along th…

Wild Salmon Conservation in the Heiltsuk Nation Traditional Territory (311)

Ecotrust Canada

Ecotrust Canada received this grant to facilitate an integrated approach to salmon conservation in the Heiltsuk Nation t…

Farmed and Dangerous Markets Campaign (312)

Living Oceans Society

The Living Oceans Society used this grant to educate major buyers of farmed salmon and urge their transition to ecologic…