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Indigenous Land Protection in Suriname and Brasil (633)

Amazon Conservation Team

This grant helps the Amazon Conservation Team address the most pressing threats to Trio lands in both Suriname and Brazi…

Protected Area Monitoring Database (828)

Instituto Socioambiental

Instituto Socioambiental is using this grant to strengthen stewardship of the biodiversity and natural resources in the …

Center for Environmental Studies of Latin American (701)

University of Texas at Austin, Center for Environmental Studies in Latin America

The University of Texas at Austin, along with the Fundacion Ecuatoriana de Estudios Ecológicos and the Center for Enviro…

Biodiversity Conservation in Indigenous Territories in the Pastaza Region of the Western Amazon, Ecuador (525)

Fundacion Ecuatoriana de Estudios Ecologicos

Fundacion Ecuatoriana de Estudios Ecologicos, with the University of Texas at Austin and the Center for Environmental St…

Cloud Forest Concession (551)

Amazon Conservation Association

Amazon Conservation Association (ACA) is using this grant to protect 200,000 acres of cloud forest in the Peruvian Andes…

Conserving the Montane and Cloud Forests of Northern Peru (504)

Nature and Culture International

Nature and Culture International and its local partners are using this grant to strengthen park management and enforce p…

Building Leadership Capacity for Forest Conservation in the Andes-Amazon Region (529)

University of Florida Foundation

With this grant, the University of Florida is providing both graduate degree and non-degree fellowships for students fro…

Capacity Building for Biodiversity Conservation in Brazilian Amazonia (532)

Instituto Internacional de Educação do Brasil

Instituto Internacional de Educacao do Brasil is using this grant to improve planning, implementation, and management of…

Education for Nature Program (539)

World Wildlife Fund

Through its Education for Nature program, World Wildlife Fund is using this grant to provide academic and applied traini…