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Gabon Parks Project (288)

Wildlife Conservation Society

With this grant, the Wildlife Conservation Society is leading a consortium designed to help protect biodiversity and con…

Palmyra Acquisition PRI (203)

The Nature Conservancy

This grant to The Nature Conservancy supports a Program Related Investment. Outcomes include the acquisition of Palmyra …

Marine Conservation Large Scale Project Management (149)

World Wildlife Fund

World wildlife Fund used this grant to design a marine conservation network and develop a project management plan for la…

Defining and Measuring Conservation Outcomes (140)

Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society used this grant to prepare a plan and study previous efforts to define and calculate o…

Conserving Living Landscapes as Forever Wild (118)

Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society used this planning grant to further its Living Landscapes Program and develop long-ter…

Global Response Letter Writing Campaign (59)

Global Response

Global Response used this grant to support two annual international letter writing campaigns, helping local communities …

Organization Transformation Initiative (88)

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy used this grant to support management and organizational changes behind its Conservation by Desig…

Optimizing America's Energy Portfolio (93)

Rocky Mountain Institute

The Rocky Mountain Institute used this grant to complete a US energy policy assessment.

Asian Vulture Crisis Project (31)

Peregrine Fund

This grant was awarded to help Peregrine Fund biologists determine the cause of renal failure in three key Asian vulture…