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Grants List


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Planning and Governance for the Consolidation of Protected Areas and Indigenous Lands in the Colombian Amazon (2048.01)

Gaia Amazonas Foundation

To implement the first co-management model in the Yaigoje-Apaporis National Park/Indigenous Territory with the Colombia …

Communications support for 50in10 - Sustainable Fisheries Investigation (3460.02)

New Venture Fund

In support of critical short term communications for the development of the 50in10 initiative, an effort to restore 50% …

Preparing Policy Makers and the Public for Science-Based Decisions (3869)

National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council

To support the development and review of materials that address the role of science in policy and decision making and th…

Joseph Checkelsky, Moore Fellow in Materials Synthesis (3848)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Physics

In support of the material synthesis laboratory of Dr. Joe Checkelsky which will target the synthesis, discovery, develo…

Enhancing referrals from primary to specialty care to improve the quality of surgical decisions (3940)

Massachusetts General Hospital, General Medicine Division

To support the evaluation of the impact of an enhanced information technology tool on the timely and reliable delivery o…

Socio-Environmental Mapping of the Amazon (3859)

Instituto Socioambiental

In support of interdisciplinary analysis and mapping of protected area coverage, deforestation, forest degradation, infr…

Ten Years of Conservation Lessons from the Amazon (3614)

International Union for Conservation of Nature

On the basis of lessons learned over the last decade, recommend durable and effective management practices for protected…

Bacteria–phytoplankton interactions at the microscale (3768)

Duke University, Office of Research Support

In support of developing methods to study microscale interactions between a photosynthetic diatom and its bacterial part…

Solar Decathlon (3845)

California Institute of Technology

In support of an undergraduate team’s participation in the 2013 Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, a competition in w…