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Securing Protected Areas in Colombia (1126)

Patrimonio Natural Fondo para la Biodiversidad y Areas Protegidas

This grant to Patrimonio Natural Fondo para la Biodiversidad y Areas Protegidas (FUNBAP) supports the creation of three …

Rubenstein School of Environmental and Natural Resources (977)

University of Vermont, Gund School of Ecological Economics

The University of Vermont, Gund School for Ecological Economics is using this grant to conduct a year-long series of wor…

Measuring Watershed Health (956)

Stroud Water Research Center

This grant to the Stroud Water Research Center supports training on stream monitoring in neo-tropical ecosystems as a me…

Global Crop Diversity Trust (991)

Friends of Global Crop Diversity

The Global Crop Diversity Trust is using this grant to conserve global crop diversity. Outcomes for this grant include t…

Building Pro-Poor Ecosystem Services Payments (995)

Forest Trends

Forest Trends used this grant to expand the Ecosystem Marketplace, an international website on payments and markets for …

Biodiversity Fund For Indigenous Peoples (BEFIP) Consultation (970)

H. John Heinz III Center for Science Economics and the Environment

This grant helped the Heinz Center develop a biodiversity fund for indigenous peoples in Brazil and British Columbia.

Fish and Wildlife Habitat Protection (988)

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is using this grant to apply the influence of key hunting and fishing co…

Gabon Parks Project Extension Exit Strategy (288.01)

Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society used this grant to further its work with the Gabon Parks Projects.

Enhancing Conservation in the Sierra Nevada (657)

Resources Legacy Fund

This grant to the Resources Legacy Fund supports the newly created Sierra Nevada Conservancy and will help leverage its …