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Copper River Watershed Conservation (30.02)


This grant will enable Ecotrust and its partners to work toward institutionalizing an integrated, watershed-scale appro…

Salmon/Climate Change Workshop (1203)

University of California, Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

The project will develop research plans for answering some of the most important unanswered scientific questions about s…

Hatchery Reform in the Columbia River Basin (425.01)

Trout Unlimited

Through this grant, Trout Unlimited will work with agencies and scientists to ensure that the best available science wil…

British Columbia Salmon Conservation – Small Grants Fund (313.02)

Tides Canada Foundation

Based on the geographic and strategic priorities identified by the Foundation, Tides Canada will reach into key communit…

Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform – Framework for Dialogue (312.02)

Living Oceans Society

This grant to the Living Oceans Society supports the work of the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform (CAAR). CAAR s…

Haida Gwaii Land and Resource Management Plan (291.01)

Earthlife Canada Foundation

Earthlife Canada Foundation is using this grant to address strategic planning, community networking, GIS mapping, and la…

Stikine Conservation Network (993)

Tides Canada Foundation

Tides Canada Foundation is using this grant to support organizational development, facilitation, and strategic coordinat…

British Columbia Salmon Conservation - Great Bear Rainforest (328)

Tides Canada Foundation

Together with commitments from the Hewlett, Packard, Wilburforce and Rockerfeller Brothers Fund foundations, GBMF’s pled…

Wild Salmon Conservation in Russia Far East (568)

World Wildlife Fund

This grant supports World Wildlife Fund's efforts to improve the framework for protecting Kamchatka's salmon in their ma…