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Grants List


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Investigating the co-evolutionary relationships between seagrasses and their microbial symbionts (3330)

University of California, Davis Genome Center

To uncover the coevolutionary interactions and ecological function of microbial symbionts and their seagrass hosts and g…

The Governors' Climate and Forest Task Force - Supporting sub-national climate and forest initiatives (2156.05)

University of Colorado at Boulder, School of Law

In support of the Governors’ Climate & Forest Task Force in the continued effort to implement robust jurisdictional …

Developing and Testing Natural Capital Valuation in Business & Investor Decisions (4010)

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

To enable business and investor communities in key agriculture sectors to measure and manage related risks and opportuni…

Capitol Hill Oceans Week (3916)

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

In support of Capitol Hill Oceans Week, an annual event highlighting the importance of oceans to the United States.

China Sustainable Growth Fund Secretariat (3071.02)

World Wildlife Fund

In support of the secretariat of the China Sustainable Growth Fund, establishing effective operations for protecting wor…

Engaging Patients and Families as Partners in Redesigning Healthcare Practice: The Ambulatory Practice Assessment Project (3957)

American College of Physicians

To assess the degree of patient- and family-centeredness and engagement in ambulatory primary care practices.

SeaPlan (1552.03)

Third Sector New England

To support stakeholder engagement and science integration in the refinement of the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan a…

Eng Property Acquisition (4156)

Peninsula Open Space Trust

To support the acquisition of the 896-acre Eng property in San Mateo County, which lies adjacent to other protected area…

Building Organizational Capacity (3705)

University of California, Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science

In support of improved organizational effectiveness through enhanced fundraising capacity.