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Capacity to Analyze Potential Impact of Mining Projects (1272)

Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education

The grant to Pembina will be used to develop new and credible data on the long-term impacts of mining on salmon ecosyste…

Bristol Bay Conservation - - Media Campaign (1307)

Trout Unlimited

This grant will enable Trout Unlimited to invest in a statewide media campaign to build support for the permanent protec…

Kamchatka Salmon Refuge Creation and Consolidation (307.02)

Wild Salmon Center

This grant will enable the Wild Salmon Center (WSC) to build upon their previous success in advancing wild salmon conser…

Bristol Bay Conservation -- Campaign Coordination (1308)

Renewable Resources Coalition

Through this grant Renewable Resources Coalition (RRC) will coordinate the efforts of ENGOs and other key players workin…

Bristol Bay Conservation - Private Sector and National Outreach (1305)


Earthworks will educate and empower key retailers, shareholders, and other influential private sector players about the …

Taku Watershed Conservation – Salmon Habitat Protection (656.01)

Tides Canada Foundation

TWA will work with the Taku River Tlingit First Nation to build community support for ratifying a long-term conservation…

Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project (460.02)

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center

The goal of the Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking (POST) project is to build an acoustic tracking array along the west coast …

Haida Gwaii Conservation – Salmon Habitat Protection (292.01)

Ecotrust Canada

This grant will continue to support Ecotrust Canada's work with the Council of Haida Nations (CHN) to complete a compreh…

Salmon Aquaculture Closed Containment Demonstration Project (1271)

Middle Bay Sustainable Aquaculture Institute

Middle Bay Sustainable Aquaculture Institute will carry out a demonstration project designed to assess the technological…