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Reducing Deforestation in the Chiribiquete National Park-Caquetá Mosaic, Colombia (3568)

The Nature Conservancy

To consolidate the Chiribiquete-Caquetá mosaic by strengthening local governments and organizations to implement land us…

Climate and Land Use Alliance: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Operations (3350.03)


In support of the Climate and Land Use Alliance’s impact through enhanced monitoring, evaluation, and operations.

San Francisco Bay Area Magnet Collaborative Exit Grant (3809)

El Camino Hospital Foundation

To support the SFBA Magnet Collaborative in their effort to share their collaborative with other regions and hospital sy…

Remote operated underwater vehicles for open scientific exploration (4469)


To support enhanced scientific and public engagement in underwater discovery through the distribution and use of an unde…

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food Interim Report (4421)

United Nations Environment Programme

In support of the publication and dissemination of the Interim Report of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity fo…

Support for graduate students at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (4310)

University of California, Santa Barbara Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

In support of graduate students to visit the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) for extended periods enablin…

National Dissemination of Learnings from San Francisco Bay Area Hospital Improvement Collaboratives (4084)


To support the national dissemination of key learnings from San Francisco hospital quality improvement collaboratives.

Quantum sensors for probing complex systems (4342)

Harvard University, Department of Physics

In support of the development of novel quantum sensors that use defects in diamonds to probe the physical properties of …

Avoiding deforestation in Rondônia, Brazil through the consolidation of Protected Areas and Indigenous Lands (1956.01)

Associação de Defesa Etnoambiental Kanindé

To consolidate legacy protected areas and priority indigenous lands in the Itenez-Rondonia mosaic, and strengthen enviro…